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French laws of 1 September 1948, 23 December 1986 et 6 July 1989 have created a status for tenancy which is particularly protective for the tenant who holds large rights as soon as the contract is enforceable (duty of general renovation of the house for the landlord, security of tenure during the term of the lease, regulation to give notice to one’s tenant and so on).

The breach of contract by the tenant, for instance because of the non-payment of the rent, need time before being recognized by a court and the subsequent proceeding to obtain the expulsion of the tenant is long too.

At the slightest mistake to run the procedure (e.g. compulsory notices, deadlines…) the judge dismisses the landlord’s claims against the tenant and the proceedings has to be renewed. The energy to mobilize is considerable above all when the healthy landlord's financial situation depends on the tenancy (e.g. renting out a property to supplement retirement).

Mrs. Elisabeth Rousset, member of the Bar of Hauts-de-Seine, advises you to secure the end of a lease against the poor faith’s tenant and give the procedure a pace as fast as possible to allow you to recover your property.

On the contrary, there are landlords who believe that everything is due by their tenant and think they do not have to worry about the quality of the property being leased. This behavior is not acceptable and your lawyer will assist you to assert your rights.

The challenge for your lawyer is to stay one step ahead. These is why she defends landlords as well as tenants: understand the opponent’s issues enables to anticipate over any other development that could put a brake on your own position or weaken it.

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