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Everywhere in the world housing is vital. In France it is a constitutional right. The Law of 5 March 2007 has settled concretely the right to housing and various measures to promote social cohesion but this law concerns only a few citizens. Most of people have to find house in private rental housing or purchase an estate and have to face some difficulties such as :

I am co-owner: can I contest the decision of the General Assembly ?
I am managing agent for a co-ownership: what can I do against a co-owner who do not pay his costs anymore ?
I am landlord: what are my rights when my tenant do not pay his rent anymore ?
I am tenant: may I do some work in the house ? My landlord refuses to maintain the house which deteriorates day by day: what can I do? Is it possible to contest an expulsion order ?

Mrs. Elisabeth ROUSSET, member of the Bar of Hauts-de-Seine, will be glad to advise you and assist you on any litigation regarding co-ownership and tenancy.

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