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During the initial consultation, the Client describes the situation and obtains assistance engaging the responsibility of the Lawyer: this consultation is granted with all the required seriousness, competence and consciousness.

The first interview is the basis of mutual confidence which is essential to any relationship between the Client and her/his Lawyer in order to work together.

The consultation fee amounts to 100 Euros all taxes included.

Opening a file and fee agreement

Opening a file means that the Lawyer and the Client define the mission of the Lawyer and the fees related to its implementation.

The fees are fixed with regard to the work that the Lawyer will accomplish, the complexity of the matter, the interests at stake, and the situation of fortune of the Client.

As the case moves forward, the Client receives a time sheet to control the work done by Mrs. Elisabeth ROUSSET that may be invoiced higher than the agreement made at the beginning of the mission (e.g. due to an accident of procedure), in order to guarantee a total transparency.

Do you already have a legal protection contract ?

The legal protection contract, which covers the risk due to “the denial of a claim made by the insured person”, takes over the entire Lawyer’s fees or a part of them, as of the pre-contentious stage, and the costs of the procedure (e.g. bailiff fees, judicial expert fees etc.).

The Client preserves the right to choose the Lawyer.

The duty of confidentiality, to which the Lawyer is bound, guarantees total privacy and discretion even towards the insurance company that pays the fees.

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