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Family law deals with multiple problems of a person as a unique individual (identity, sex, legal capacity, protection of individual freedoms especially in the framework of guardianship and trusteeship, etc.) and the person as an individual evolving among his own kind (marriage, PACS, divorce and separation, compensatory allowance and liquidation of matrimonial property, protection against domestic violence, failure to present a child, alimony, parentage, legacy, etc.).

If these issues are not always related to an open conflict, the mostly inherent emotional charge always implies that the Lawyer works empathically with her/his Client, while keeping in mind that the duty is to attend the Client and defend her/his interests.

Through her professional activity in the Hauts-de-Seines and all over France, Mrs. Elisabeth ROUSSET aspires to show support and respect to the families that she meets, who, through their diversity, joys and hardships are families of the current century.

Family law is a topic that relates to other topics with significant implications on property, such as commercial law, tax law or social law.

Fully aware of the importance of these issues, Mrs. Elisabeth ROUSSET is endeavouring to provide a global and efficient answer to her Clients and invites you to consult the following pages : Divorce and Separation, Liquidation of matrimonial property, Gifts and Inheritance and Filiation and Child protection.

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