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May I extend a fixed-term contract for a further 6 months ?
How can I secure a dismissal or a transaction ?
My business grows up: which kind of staff representation should I set up ?
My business falls through: how to manage the workforce ?

In France the employer faces daily with a technical and evolving employment law. The breach of the duties imposed by these rules might have heavy and serious financial costs. The principle of good faith has no role to play here and small business as well as DAX/DOW JONES-listed companies are treated in the same way.

Within this context, Mrs. Elisabeth ROUSSET, member of the Bar of Hauts-de-Seine, gives legal advices to all kind of companies (audit) and assist them on any litigation.

The challenge for your lawyer is to stay one step ahead. These is why she defends employees as well as employers: understand the opponent’s issues enables to anticipate over any other development that could put a brake on your own position or weaken it.

As a company, you also can take out a subscription to legal advices to benefit a daily assistance including French company law, French contract law or French tort law.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

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