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What can I do to be paid for overtime I do each month ?
Is my dismissal legal ?
Why my employer do not want to file the application after my work-related injury or illness ?!
Discrimination at work: is it a fate ?

Within the current economic context, to be dismiss might be a financial disaster and a great pain for self-esteem and family life. Of course it is possible to bring a case before le Conseil des Prud’hommes but French proceedings is slow.

Mrs. Elisabeth ROUSSET, member of the Bar of Hauts-de-Seine, aware of these difficulties, aims to obtain satisfaction quickly, looking for an agreement and, if not but appropriate conditions are present, to claim by the way of summary proceedings.

If the dispute cannot be resolved out of court, your lawyer will be combative and argumentative to assert your rights. Be sure she will be supportive and encouraging in a time of stress.

The challenge for your lawyer is to stay one step ahead. These is why she defends employees as well as employers: understand the opponent’s issues enables to anticipate over any other development that could put a brake on your own position or weaken it.

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